Done Arguing. Sorry Y'all


Hey y'all,

I just got into a flame war. I'm sorry, really. I made a bunch of immature remarks.

@Ella_13, I'm sorry. Some stuff I said to you was silly and rude.

Let's just try to be friends, or ok around each other. Please don't insult people though, just be a little more careful with your words.

That's a reminder for everyone. Me too.

Ella, next time, you don't need to make a topic. Lots of gossip. but it's ok.

@Gilbert189, thanks for helping resolve this.

@Phase_Admin.. .I don't know what I ever did to you...why are you insulting me? This I'm thoroughly confused about.


Oh man


Well said

It's a mature thing to do to yeh and resolve the problem

Well done :)


Good job! :D
It's great you have apologized, even though I wasn't in this!


This really helps. I feel like I did the right thing writing this. :D


Alright I guesss

But I don't insult ppl

It's all a joke that y'all can't seem to take


Mkay i will try to stop myself.


Oh my gosh. I apologized. I get I can't take a joke from the person I apologize to. No apology back, not even a thank you.

Oh well, that's life. I did the right thing. I'm happy.


Well I'm nkt apologizing back cause ur still gonna email, right?

So what's the point?


I'm not going to email.



Or are you!?!??!??!!?
Illumaniti Confirmed




Shes just trying to apologize, you dont seem to take it seriously..


Because I am immature...... i can't take anything srsly.


Phase not directed at u just closest one to reply to lol


Alright if u want an apology
Then I'm sorry for calling u sensetive . I shouldn't do that because some people are sensetive and get sad.

Games to bring the forum together

What are you saying...? Are you still saying I'm sensitive?

Also, can you please maybe try to fix some grammar? I know my grammar isn't always the best either, but we can both try.


I don't fix my grammar sorry

I said sorry

I'm just aknowlddgkg that since ur sensitive, I have to change my words


What are you talking about yourself our grammar is perfect see me no commas


Wow. This is a very mature and brace thing to do :D
You have some wits, bruh XD