Don’t Cyber-Bully!



Hey guys! So I know their is a topic already like this [please don’t lounge] but I wanted to help spread the word. Lately, people have been being bullie.d in Hopscotch, the forum, irl, or on a WBF.
This is just a reminder to not bully, and be kind to others.
Thank you.


Just talk about how we can try to prevent cyberbull.ies


WhiteBoard Foxes are banned now.


YAY. Well, that’s great.
But people can still find a way around it.


Like I did there.
The word WhiteBoard is banned.




I totally agree! I personally recommend that everyone review the Community Guidelines every once in a while so that they know what is allowed on here or not. Just like you repeat stuff in school, you should repeat stuff on here :slight_smile:


It is really easy to get past the filter though.


I’ve said those in the nominations for featured topic. I know. Goodbye.


what is WBF? And why is the word whiteboard banned?



It was a drawing website that like everyone on the drawing topic used at some point, but then people started to buIIy and impersonate on it.