Dolphin Coders Hopscotch topic working on latest code and pixel arts, maybe some games



@Dylan329 have you already done this one? Because I really want to do this one but it looks the same as the other one


Yeh, I did that one last year.


whoa this is cool :0


Thanks… I forgot to add these


@Dolphy_frens anybody coding anything?


I’m still working on that pixel art and some games :D
Also, congratulations on the feature dolphypai!! (^-^)


Thanks, how long have you been working on these pixel arts, can I see them?

My latest pixel art



That’s amazing!! :D

And not very long, coding big pixel arts is very repetitive so I keep stopping and then returning to it a week later XP


Thnx… you should publish more pixel arts…

Could I pretty please see some progress?


Yeah XD I’m working on that, since pixel arts are awesome :DDD

And sure!! Lemme take a picture ;D


Agreed I’m sure @Dylan329 would agree as well that pixel arts are amazing


Yep :DDD

Also here (^-^)

I’m trying to make this, it’s Fluttershy from My Little Pony :D

It’s going very slowly XD


Nice! I have to make a MLP that was a request that I got like 3 months ago XD


Thanks, and you should probably get to work on that XD


Yeh I was gonna start it today possibly. Lol


Something about a dog…@photographer123, then a Halloween project, then something for national adoption month.


aww I can’t wait to see your dog project!!


Hey @PinkCupcake8! I see u…


Heeyyy ;3
Sry I didn’t reply earlier but Discours was doing maintenance and everything was in read only mode
I finished ur request for the huge art trade, I’ll post it soon :3