Dolphin Coders Hopscotch topic working on latest code and pixel arts, maybe some games



Hi! It’s @Dolphin_coders on this topic I’m going to be using this topic to discuss Hopscotch and my latest code, if you would to chat with me in general please tap this link My general topic with a title I can’t change.

If you would like help with trail art or pixel feel free to ask I’m pretty active.
Thanks dolphin coders

P.s. Here’s a link to one of my main projects


I’ve been working on this thingy Ma jiggi

What I'm trying to code


@DrCrazyChicken @photographer123


That’s so cute! :333
I hope you can do it!


It looks good so far! :00000


Thank you (@DrCrazyChicken, @photographer123)

have you seen the link to one of my projects in the first post?


YESH. I love your code.


Thanks so much :sweat_smile:
I’m hoping to code this one day

A girl

I’m coding this at the moment though


Good luck coding these projects, they look really cool! You are an amazing coder!


Ooh, that looks really good so far! Good luck! :smiley:


Here’s my latest project


@Dylan329 what’s your favourite project that you’ve coded?

If we’re going to talk about code talk on this topic otherwise do it on my other general


So far
Game: Impossible quiz (soon to be Guess The Emoji game)

Pixel art: my 2 characters probably.

How about you?


Maybe cupcake, since it took 3 months of my time that I will never get back


Oh also, I forgot to tell you, but I am making another Halloween pixel art.
Want to see the template?


Yes please!!!



Sorry, I ran outta likes, what did you type up to get that result?

Are you working on anything else


Halloween Pixel art grid


Thanks, I’m nearly done my “design your own trail art girl” thing


Nice can’t wait to see it