Doing a Kahoot on 2016 music!


Join the Kahoot!! Code is 689411


I dun like 2016 musik
I think it bad
Might as well tho


I want to join, but how will you know the questions?:thinking:


I joined!!


Yeah you cant see the questions


It will show you at the top!!


It doesnt for me it just shows which number your on


Yeah same.


It doesn't show them


It's not showing, I don't think I can play.:confused:


Let's try a new one instead


Quizizz is a similar website to Kahoot, and it shows the question and answers on everyone's devices. You might want to check it out and use that instead :smiley:


It just shows for her because she's the one that made it!!!


Also can you make kahoots in this topic?


Yeah quizziz are easier


Im in!


I'm in!
But how do I see the questions?


Don't wanna wait any longer, sorry
Bai Kahoot


It nu working
Did it start yet?


When making a Quizizz, you can paste a Kahoot link into the top of the editor, and poof! Quizizz made.

Kahoots are for when everyone's in the same room.