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Hi guys! This topic is all about writing and making your own stories! I know there are multiple topics on writing, but I would like my own and mine will talk more about character development than story writing. You will tell me your story and everyone in the club will join in. There will be challenges, stories to add on to, and stuff like that’s! Hope you enjoy. Remember, this is similar to other topics, but mine will be different.


This sounds fun. Maybe I might try?


I have a idea Picatso: the story of a cat who does art?


Sure! Just post your story, and we can do fan art or comics or give advice for it.


Actually it was an idea I wasn’t really going to turn it into a story but maybe I will or someone can do it?


Ok ! I might make it into a comic!!!


Could I help? Like you could draw some and then upload it and then I download it and draw some. I could draw backgrounds.


This sounds really cool! @DogWithAPen, do I just write a story and post it? Wait, do I post my story here or on the Hopscotch app?


Here! If you want, and we can give feedback, help,you add more, and make fan art!


Hi @DogWithAPen! Can I join? I love to write!


Sure. We haven’t got stories yet, feel free to give a story to us!


Alrighty, thanks! Should I divide them into chapters?


Yes! I would love to here it! Would it be okay if someone made it into a comic or made fan art for it?


Yes! Of course! I would love that! I love fanart!


Chapter 1

Who Said That?

Juniper the cat was wandering around the neighborhood. She suddenly saw a shadow slinking around her favorite tree.

What is that? Thought Juniper.

She heard low voices coming from the other side of the tree.

“It’s creating too much of a shadow,” Said a feminine voice. “We must cut it down.”

Oh no! Mind-screamed Juniper. Willow and Rocky live there! That’s not good! I wonder if they know.

Juniper ran back home to tell Shadow, her best friend and companion about the new developments.

So how was that? Just came in my mind a few days ago and I wrote it down here. I haven’t thought of a name for the story, so if you have any suggestions, please tag me! These are going to be short.


It’s great! Can you tell me what juniper looks like?! Also, to make your story better, try describing the setting! Or you don’t have to! Your choice


Sometimes, I like to do this kind of stuff in latter chapters, to add an element of mystique. Thanks for the advice, that’s the only way I can get better!


Darn, GTG!!! Bye!!!


Hi, so I kind of need a name for my story. I can’t decide between Saving The Tree, or Animals for Nature. So, poll!

  • Saving the Tree
  • Animals for Nature

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Well saving th tree would be more specific, and animals for nature would be more vague and general. Would you want the title to be exactly what the book is about or just vague and people will have to read the book to find out what is going on.