Does THT really see everything?


Does THT see everything that goes on the forum? I mean with this subscription and updates dropping, they have A LOT on their plate. I mean the only way THT ever talks is if you tag them. And I dont think they are sitting down waiting to get tagged. So, does THT really see everything?


Well, do I see everything? No :D

Do you see everything? No! :D

So THT is just the same! They're main focus is hopscotch, so they're not on the forum much ;)

They do see something though! :D


If you email THT, they can talk to you! :D

Cool question! :D
I'm pretty sure they sometimes check the forum, but their focus (like what @Rainboom said) is hopscotch. :)


They get tagged a lot on the forum and get bunches of notifications every day. It's hard for them to look at everything and solve problems, but they try their best. :+1:


Your wrong, they get tagged exactly 66535679874 times a second


Can the Hopscotch team really see everything? The answer is yes, if they tried.


They can see, if they had time to do it, but their main focus is hopscotch.


They could if they wanted to, but I know they've missed things.


It is possible for them to see everything, but that would be pretty time consuming, and they have other priorities.


They probably see there's a lot going on relating to complaints about the subscription.

They might have in mind making a topic...


Then why don't they reply to To Hopscotch projects?


They do. They just can't reply to the thousands of "To THT" projects.


They haven't replied to any in a long time.


I moved this to help with code becuase it was in collabs.


Oh okay thanks. I wasnt sure what topic it should be in