Does the forum need new leaders?



@rodrigo I would like to speak to you in a calm and mature manner. I believe that the forum needs new leaders for the forum and for the app. I was thinking that there could be kid leaders, also known as the mature ones. They can help the forum by checking for inappropriate topics. But, if one is untrustworthy (as to say that they spam flag), you can change their status back down to member. I know I'm asking for a lot, but I would like to become a leader for the sake of this community. I know I sounded mean back there in my other topics, but I just was trying to help this forum and debate about different things (because I'm that kind of person). Just remember, you can always demote the bad leaders at any time. Trust me, it'll be the greatest thing for the community.


Hi, thanks for reaching out! I really appreciate your intentions with the community and your desire to take care of it. Let's do 2 things: 1) let's discuss our public ideas here: so that Liza and other people can see and also, so you can get a general sense of what the community's thinking and 2) send an email to Liza (and me if you wish), so we can discuss ideas independently. Does that sound good? We're not against having leaders or anything, we just want to get the implementation right.


There might be a flame war starting in that topic


I hope not. It didn't come off as that, but it might end up being that.


@t1_hopscotch, can you please unlounge that discussion topic? I'm a member, and I believe I've proven my right to be in there. And I want to see what you quoted me in.


Hey, Rodrigo
I just wanted to ask you if I'm getting regular soon, I've been on for ever half of the past 100, but do I need to read 10K posts in those 100 days, or in total?



I don't know how the regular thing works. I really don't care that much about that. This is a place to talk about Hopscotch, coding, creativity and technology. Not to get badges. :slight_smile:


Oh, ok. That's fine

Yeah, I agree with you. But I also know that Regulars get to create World-wide edits, which can help with posts when we are creating a list of ideas for a game. I've been waiting for Regular since October 2015, but I know that Hopscotch is more about the inventing and creativity


If you're having huge difficulty with this, I can help you.
Just tag me on another topic, so it'll be more relevant.


Here's a post on Discourse Meta with a list of requirements in order for you to get the regular rank here. :)


I completely agree. I won't let you down!