Does it matter if your name on the forum is different to your hopscotch name?



I've been wondering if i should change my name to Tiegan.c because my name on hopscotch is Tiegan.c


Nope! It doesn't really matter, it just might be a little easier for people to find you on hopscotch if it's the same as your forum username, but you can put your hopscotch name in your bio! :D
That makes it just as easy. :D


ok thanks :grinning:


What @SmilingSnowflakes said basically ā€¦ I abbreviated mine on the forumā€¦


This was my old username but on hopscotch I changed to Crazy_cake but since forum names aren't changeable for the most part I just put my new one in my bio


What is your hopscotch name @KVJ


i used my old username.


You could but I don't think it's allowed I could change my fourm username if I wanted but, I wont!


It's KomplettverrĆ¼cktjunge!
Just search "Dino" and my project should be first up!!


Yeah but it's not allowed. And I don't want to do anything bad so, I'm not going to unless they allow me to


Tiegan.c :hatching_chick: :hibiscus: