Does it cost money for each topic that is made


@Liza @rodrigo @meg @maimouna every time someone makes a topic, do you guys have to pay money for it? Or for how active the forum is, or do you guys just pay for features on it? Or just owning it is the same price monthly?


I'm sure it just costs money annually, they may have to pay extra money if they go over a certain agreed limit of posts per year?


This might answer your question.


According to internet, Hopscotch has the host Hurricane Electric, which means that it is Hurricane Electric that THT pays money to so they can host their server. I have no idea about their price, but you often have a limited amount of space on your server.


Interesting - how did you find this out? :o

EDIT: Found it, hehe ^^;


I didn't know that it was on Discource website, I searched something like " info". I found this website now, it wasn't the one that I found out about Hurricane Electric, but it says the same thing.


Oh, I see! I've never tried doing this to the Hopscotch forum before. Cool! ^^


Not directly. It adds other indirect costs and amplifies the funnel of the information that's gonna be stored.