Does Communication in Scratch or Minecraft Count as Communication Outside the Forum?


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Communicating in Scratch

I've had this question for a long time, and have been thinking about it a lot. Is communicating with Hopscotchers in Scratch against the Forum rules?

Communicating in Minecraft

Imagine this:
randomuser1: Hey @randomuser2! Check out my new Minecraft server: it's _________
randomuser2: Awesome! I'll go to it ASAP
And, as most of you know, you are able to chat in Minecraft. Would this be against the rules, if they were just talking about building and not sharing any personal info?

What About on Hopscotch?

Many Hopscotchers don't have the forum, so they won't know the rules about communicating outside of Hopscotch. Even forumers could do this! If they made a project sharing their YouTube account, or Minecraft server, would they get punished? Or are the rules just about communicating outside the forum? Do they only apply to forum users?

Thank you for reading! I hope I get an answer soon =D

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The poll


You can in scratch, Minecraft im not sure


I believe Liza said that since Scratch is monitored by MIT, we could use Scratch. I'm not sure about Minecraft, though. :D


You can communicate through Scratch as long as your parents are okay with it. I don't know about Minecraft, though.

These rules only apply to forum members, I think. People on Hopscotch shouldn't be communicating with random people on other sites anyway (it's not safe), but the forum doesn't have any jurisdiction over what they do.


I thought so :) What's your opinion about Minecraft, though?


I think it's okay (as long as your parents are okay with it). A lot of people play Minecraft with online friends (same with other games). I guess the Hopscotch team wants to be cautious about your and others safety. If you think about it, it's not very safe considering you don't know these people in real life. Thanks for asking, @BellaWafflez17!


Actually, it was Liza who settled that. Kiwi said that Scratch wasn't allowed before that.


Sorry, my bad. I edited it. :D


I do want to play Minecraft PE with forum frens, but I don't want to be suspended. ;-;


Communicating with Hopscotchers in Scratch

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Communicating with Hopscotchers in Minecraft

  • Okay
  • I don't know
  • Not okay


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