Does coding sound complex to you?

Plus how does people make the games on hopscotch so complex? Coding is a skill that you have to learn about.


Ugh five nights at Freddy's is cringe

Hmm, I don't know. I don't play or follow news about those games.. Also, this probably isn't the best place to talk about. Such things, because it's not to do with Hopscotch. Sorry

What does that have to do with this topic?

Why did you say that? Fnaf is awesome :0
@PezTheCat people learn how to make complex games over time. I couldn't really code cool things, then somehow I made a kinda complex game. X3

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As you gain coding experience, you get more and more knowledge of code and a larger desire to make bigger things out of your projects. :D

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Real coding? That is easier for me.
It's for a SIT conference

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I know right :unamused:

Nice! :D

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Try to respect what others like, thanks :slight_smile:
And @PezTheCat people learn to code over time, like @RubyWolf1 said.