Does anyone wnat me to tell THT stuff?


Hi guys so THT is gonna call me soon so does anyone wnat me to suggest anything for future updates


This is not for Hopscotch, but people are spam flagging on the forum. I think that you should tell Aliza they should be approving the flags, like the mods usually do. :DD


They could call me to, I will mostly ask about music, and beyond ios.

But I think you should mention stuff that really means to you!


I think we should be able to access the forum from the app! XD idk why, but I think it's cool. :P


Can you tell them I love the Hopscotch Shop? :stuck_out_tongue:

You could suggest for future updates that part of the subscription could be recording your own sound.


I don't wanna say anything about the forum for reasons I won't say.


Because you were suspended, right?


Yeah and because I only wanna talk about the app and my mom doesn't like the forum


Okay... I'm gonna update my bio now. :stuck_out_tongue: