Does anyone want to make a saxophone club on Hopscotch?


You can join as long as you play any type of saxophone! We can share lots of tips on how to play cool things and stuff like that! Anyone interested? Tell me what your username is and what type of saxophone you play below!

People in the club:
@Milkypup Alto
@LazyLizard Alto
@danaball20 Tenor
@CrookedCat6519 Alto
@Clu3555 Tenor

Tell me if you want to join! I want a community of saxophone players here! Maybe we can try to find a baritone saxophone or a soprano saxophone?
btw I need to know what kind of saxophone everyone plays! Thx!


Do you like jazz?


Yessss! I love it so much! I'm in the jazz band at my school!


Sorry read the above! I forgot to reply to you


When I'm on, I can help. I play alto sax.


User: danaball20
:saxophone:- Tenor sax
Sounds cool!


Sounds great! See you then


I can't wait for this club! It will be awesome!




I don't play the saxophone. But it seems pretty cool. Is it hard to play?


So awesome! One question will it be on Hopscotch or Hopscotch Forums?


We will make a page on Hopscotch to chat and stuff!


For some people it is harder to play it. If you are able to figure out how to separate the notes when you play it, it is pretty simple!


@AlohaHawaiiStudios plays alto sax.


I absolutely couldn't stand to let an oppertunity like this pass! You have my vote, count me in.

I am first chair alto sax, and in jazz band (an extreamly avid class in my school) so I would love to bring this here!


Your welcome I tagged you lol


Nice welcome to the club! I play tenor sax btw


One of my best friends plays the alto sax :D

(She's really good, but the only girl sax player...)


All the people in my band that play first part alto sax are girls! It's so weird!


There are four altos and I'm the only girl. Two tenors and a cello in our row that are all boys.