Does anyone want to make a Halloween game with me?



I want to collab with two or less other people to make some kind of Halloween game!


  • at least one of you need to be able to code good moving backgrounds (because I can't)
  • you need to of actually made a game that is at least a tiny bit complicated
  • keep track of everything and explain things if needed
  • to just plain like coding!

I will stop taking people who want to join tomorrow and we will have to keep track of time zones and school time and stuff like that. I can keep track of that, just tell me what country you live in.


I have private account I will use whenever Halloween comes around


I live in the United States of America, central time. Illinois is my state. I am in progress of thinking of making a dancing skeleton. Like Walkman, but with guts


I'll be delighted to code with you


Ok. You are in. Ugh, my World clock doesn't have you and we are in different time zones...because I live in New York State. Ummm... What time is it where you are currently?


What is your time zone called? I think it's based off big cities. What is your closest big city? Example: I live pretty far away from N.Y.C, but my time zone is N.Y.C.


Your's is the Eastern Time Zone @Hoppertoscotch, and @friendship2468, you are in the Middle Time Zone.


Ok, @friendship2468, I believe our time zones are exactly 1 hour apart. I am 1 hour ahead of you. So, I'll keep that in mind.


Thank you, @Phase_Studios!


Your most welcome @Hoppertoscotch!


Chicago is my city. I actually live in it


No I'm not the middle time zone. I am the central time zone.


Ok. @friendship2468 we are still just 1 hour apart. But this time I can go on an app to see what time it is where you are instead of having to look it up or know what time it is where I live.


Wait I'm in another. Plan but I might handle


Ok. Don't worry, we aren't starting immediately.


We will have to save this for another time, thanks to some selfish person who hacked my account :rage:


Hoppertoscotch, I would be happy to do a collab with you as well. I can code moving backgrounds (although I've never needed to in my projects). You said you would stop taking people soon, so I hope I'm not too late. I live in the Mountain time zone. I'm also doing a collab with @Giraffedolphin26 and working on my own projects


@DragonLover975 Well, you reminded me so i guess it's me, you, and @friendship2468


You're in!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok @DragonLover975. I am 2 hours ahead of you.