Does anyone want to make a game together?



I I've been wanting to make a game with someone for ages but no one wants to! Any one I will even take someone who is new I just need someone to make a game with me! And even if you can't but it would make me happier be coding partners too!


I can make a game with you.


Sorry for the late reply @GiraffeProductions thank you we can plan and talk here!


Okay and it's fine about a late reply.


How about ya boi wombat


So, how do we make the game on your account or mine?


We could use an account I have for collabing or we could publish it and than one of us will save it to our drafts and than if that person who published wants to unpublish once the other person saves it.


Good idea and what should we make @GiraffeProductions


We could make a RPG, fighting, puzzle, choose your own adventure, mystery, horror, 2D game or different ones. Those are some ideas for which style of games to make.




Chou can pick what to make! Sorry I'm so busy lately?.