Does anyone want to make a coding company?



I would like to make a coding company that only codes, no remixing.
Sorry drawers. :frowning2:
So, to join just fill this short form out! :D
Hopscotch username:

Will you be active on the account?

Link to a few of your projects:

What is your personality?

That is the end of the form.
Sorry if I sound like a robot, I am on a computer. XD

People and jobs!

HSB color finders(3): @Sweetlina, @tankt2016, @Smartypants (FULL)
Coders and helpers(3): @Candycane, @DreamerGirl
Bug finders(1): @happyfacegirl
People who help overall(2): @MiracleShoutouts, @KVJ
Feedback people(3): @StarryDream
People I would like to join: @KVJ, @BuildASnowman, @Maltese, @Intellection74 and @Gilbert189. :D
If you are up there, that means I adore your projects. :scream:




Hey there!
I'll help out


I want to give feedbacks!



Just fill the form out! Wait, you do not need to fill a form out for feed backing.

I will create the account tomorrow.


You are in! I need to put you guys up.


I filled the form and then deleted it​:wink:


I was liking it when you deleted it. XD


Hello, brother. Can I be the designer?

And don't force me to use the form, you know me.


I would like to be a bug finder or coder. (really I will do anything except find HSB colors please) :yum: :blush: :laughing: :smiley:

Hopscotch username: happyfacegirl

Will you be active on the account? I promise, and if I go on vacation I will alert you first!

Link to a few of your projects:

What is your personality? My username says it all xD. I am always smiling and positive. :smiley:


What is the designer? :joy:


Okay! You are a bug finder! :smiley:


I design the game graphics. And I'm five feet away from you, why don't we talk in person?


Okay, that will be considered as HSB color finder.

And we can not talk in person. XD


sibling rivalry lol…that's the sad thing about today…people talk online even when they're FIVE FEET from one another… not like my day…

I'll be a general helper!!


Okay! Just fill ye olde form out.

Oh, by the way, I decided not to quit.


Le XD!

I hath done it @MiracleShoutouts!


Okay! You are in!



Le XD!

Heh heh


Could I be a HSB finder?
Hopscotch name: Smartypants!
Link to my projects that use HSB:,,,,
This has nothing to with HSB but I will put it in:
I have so much projects I can't decide which links to put!!
Personality: idk, outgoing?