Does anyone want to join?




  • Yes
  • No


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Vote here if you want to join PerfectCoders. Reply with your hopscotch username. And we will search you and see if we want you to join.


Want to but I can't sadly :slight_frown:


You can try to!! If you want.:frowning:


Like I said, I'm quite busy so I'd be no help :wink:


Okay!! I love your work that is why I asked!! Maybe we could follow each other??


Thanks so much!

Wait... :flushed: I don't follow you yet? :astonished:


Is perfect coders a collab account?

Also, what kinds of things do you make? I don't think I want to join, I'm just wondering!


We make... mostly everything. I'm part of the group, so I can answer your questions as well. It's okay if you don't want to join! :D