Does anyone want to help me in this game?



Hi, I am making a game called spider square, if anyone could do me a big favor that would be great. Can you make it so that you can play multiple times without refreshing? It is still not even close to done, thanks! PS when done republish, get the link, unpublish and I will give you credit


I'll take a look, i might be able to help


Thanks! That would be awesome.

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Your profile picture looks very professional


Okay so whats the goal of the game? I'm kind of confused on the main concept. Could you elaborate on it more? And Thanks!


Sorry, the object of the game is to get the yellow dots and avoid the black ones @SnowGirl_Studios


Oh okay! I get it now! :wink:


I'm gonna go for a while, I'm watching the Rubio thing


Hi, I back!


Any luck? Sorry if I'm being pushy


I think i can find a way to make it work.. I gotta take a shower then i'll reply.. btw when i get back can you republish it? i get it from your account because i can't look at the code from the link


Ok I will do that :wink:


okay i'll check your profile


If you need it here is the new link


okay you can unpublish it if you want i have it in my drafts :wink:


Ok I will unpublish


Are you done? /2/////


i gotta go 2 school but i'll finish it up after school


Is is done now? :wink:


sorry friend came over... i'll work on it right now


Ok its fine, I don't care about how long it takes