Does anyone want to help me finish a warrior's life?



I'm struggling to finish a warrior's life (my game) I made an alpha version but I can't seem to get it done. Anyone want to help?b


Welcome to the forum! Sorry I can't fully collab, I'm a little busy. If it's a small problem, I can help. If not, I'm sure there are many here who would help you!


Sure, I'll help! I don't have much going on except I have to contact Lightningstrike about my own game...


I'll help you, @Squaw52


Sorry. I've been kinda busy...


It's fine! I can work on it whenever... I'm pretty busy with school and stuff, but I'm sick and have a lot of time on my hands...


I have a lot of time! I can do it I like can code!


thanks to you people who want to help! I'll upload it so you can work on it if you'd like!


Sorry! I'm already collabing but @ me if you need help or something