Does Anyone Want To Collaborate? [Closed]




I’m bored. I’d like to collaborate with someone! But: I have pretty high expectations for whoever I want to collab with! Here are the requirements:

  • Must be famous (Again, I will make exceptions).
  • Must know how to maths (up to at least sin and cos and linear functions).
  • Must not abandon this collab. Please don’t let this be abandoned!
  • Must have good grammars.
  • Must be okay with trading drafts. I don’t like logging out of my main account.
  • Must not be a bully, cyberbully or a gray hat/black hat hacker.

Thanks! :D


:frowning: I don't make the requirements


I'm guessing it's either the math one or the grammar one! I'm leaning on the math one!


Can I? I know math pretty well, not grammars though....


Can you code well? :D


What do u mean? Like....I might can (what?)


As in, can you code something complicated? :D


I meet all of the requirements, except for one that I am not sure of.
It is being famous...



If u r saying like magmapop, I can't. ......yep, I am not good enough for this collab, u deserve sbd better....bye.....
@SmileyAlyssa @SmilingSnowflakes @AHappyCoder they r good


I don't know if I'm famous, but I'm pretty sure I fit all the rest...


We should collab! :D


What does it mean when you collab?


How would you grade my coding rawrbear? Besides that I am not that famous


Do you mean me' Rawrbear?


I make all of the requirements except for the math one and the famous one. :smile:


Yeah! :D


Um, okay! Yayayayayay!


I'm not famous, even though I meet all of the other requirements. Do you consider me famous? The most likes on a project we have is 31 and the most plays 103!!!(Yay 100!).


Sorry, I already chose @KVJ! I trust him a lot, we both speak a little bit of german and stuff! :D


Aw, too bad. I wish I could do it...