Does Anyone Want To Collab With TRICERA–STUDIOS?



Anyone want to Collab? Maybe make a drawing pad, or a Featured-worthy project? People who may want to collab:

@BubblegumCupcakeMix (maybe? I don't know, but you're my favorite Hopscotcher!)
@TheArtist (you're an artist, want to do a drawing pad collab?)
@MiracleShoutouts (Anyone on this account want to collab?)
@MYD (We could collab, we're coding partners after all.)


Not me.
- @tankt2016


I want to collab with anyone I can my hopscotch account is vanillapowder


Yes, let's Collab! That would be fun
Ps. Ur bio says u have no friends on hopscotch, how about me! U don't have to add me XD


Wait, I'm your favorite Hopscotcher! And I'm not sure, I've never done a collab before.


@MYD, @Deadfr, we could all collab!


wowy wow wow and yayy yay yay! :wink:


Sure, that would be so much fun! You are also one of my favorite hopscotchers


I spam-liked your projects (all of them) and follow you don't I?


I am!!!!!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! I didn't think I was anyone's favorite!


I think I liked most of ur projects and followed u!


Yeah you do follow me (I think?!) Oh and I've heard about it a lot but what does spam-like mean. (I must sound kinda weird for not knowing!)


Could I?


Sure, we can all collab!


Spam-like means to like a lot of projects or posts made by the same person all at once.


What account should we go on?


Oh, should ask @MYD if we can use our collab account. Probably not. We should just create a new one.


We can, if u want! So........


What is it called? Happy Pi Day!


How to tell the password…Quoting, then we edit and delete the password?