Does anyone want to collab with me?


Would anyone like to make a collaboration project with me??


Is your hopscotch name the same as your name on the forum?


Well sort of,it is: A happy coder :grinning: (on)

  • Yes
  • YEs
  • YES



I will! What do you want to make?


can I too?
And I'm thinking geometry dash with original geometry dash music
(I have the geometry dash app)


I was thinking about making something like what @JaszyKake is making,like a story in which you make decisions?


Can I help? I can do the writing of what happens! @AHappyCoder


I like doing that as well! You can do the story,I can think up the STORYLINE @Hoppertoscotch


Ok! I love writing down the story for some reason!

#12 I know I showed you this link before but just a reminder you can use the code for the story
Just enter the story at the set text for page 0
And the options at set textPG1 and set text PG2
Tap1⃣ GOTO page1
Tap2⃣ GOTO page2


Ok. @AHappyCoder, what is the storyline? Also, can you add backgrounds of like little pictures of what is happening in the scene that you are reading?


Hmmm... I'll have a think about that! @Hoppertoscotch,I will also make a topic for this collab


Ok got it! @AHappyCoder! I heard you're an amazing coder so I'm so exited to collab with you!


Thanks a lot!@Hoppertoscotch


You're welcome @AHappyCoder!