Does anyone want to collab? 😃 No spots left, sorry



(Lol, I’m actually going to not hang around in art topics and GTs for once…)
So, anyone want to collab?
I think only three or four people is enough collaboraters, I don’t want to have a huge collab.
(Ugh, I can’t type on a computer…)

I’m thinking a make-your-own type of game.

Think we should make a collab account on Hopscotch?
I think we should, so we don’t have to argue about who gets to publish the project.

@omtl (sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged)

I really can’t type on a computer…
I never actually really learned how to, I’m actually using my two pointer fingers right now.


Seriously, you need to learn. It’s easy. And I might join. Maybe.


I don’t really like computers, anyway.
iPads and iPhones are better.




I was taught how to, never actually cared, so I just type lol


That’s sad how do you play games


Mobile device? Lol


I’d love to collab but I prob won’t be active. Sorry


WHat if you want to work on our hopscotch reviews site>???>?>?


I wouldn’t mind doing a colab with you, I have been wanting to do one for a while now. ;p


Then you’ll need a computer


Okay! What type of project do you want to make? And should we make a collab account on Hopscotch?


I would really like to do that. However, I’m a bit too busy for that right now, unfortunately.


Not entirely sure, just know that I’m still kinda new to hopscotch (I started in October) but I don’t mind if we have a colab acc on hopscotch or not.


I kinda think we should . .

And I started in 2015 but am still pretty bad at coding. : p


I agree


Okay, what do you think the username should be?

And we could decide on the password in my GT.

At least the whole internet and basic users won’t see it, we could always delete the post immediately afterwards…


I GTG soon, just so you know


I’ve got about 15 minutes.


What’s your hopscotch username