Does anyone want a room?


I am making a room creator plz put down a four digit number if you want one and I will code it in.


Please explain


I am making a game where you type in your room number and it brings you to a private “hotel” style room. Sorry if the room looks bad. I can code in special room keys that are 4 numbers. You can do trail arts, games, pretty much whatever will fit. Just put in the block in the code and it will appear in your room!

#4 That is the game if you
want a room


this is so cool!!


Great idea!

Does it just draw a different room depending on the code/room number you type?


This is so cool ~@BellaWafflez17

I agree completely with Bella here! Can my room code be 2505??


No, but I am working on that


Ok! You will all get your rooms near 3:30 pm


Could i have room 6969?


i would like a room 1927 just like the password to my phone


Ooh personal info lol


This is actually a really cool idea! :slight_smile:


cool! can i have room 5157


Ooh ooh before somebody takes it, I want room 1234.

#17 That has all of your rooms in. v0.0.2


Wait can I have a room?
(I’m a bit late)

  1. (A great year)


Sure! I’ll be done in a bit


@Kayro here is your room.


I’ll have 1138.

For obvious reasons.