Does anyone wanna learn japanese?!?! :3



Hi! I'll be teaching SOME Japanese... I'm not totally fluent! It takes me a little to type it! So I'll start a class!
Lets start!

The Sign Up

How Fluent are you (1-10):
Will you participate:
Rank (teacher, student):






I want to join!
Username: UndertaleTacoz
How Fluent are you (1-10): 2 (i only know some)
Will you participate: Yes!
Rank (teacher, student): Student



I love the Japanese culture, btw, as well as language!

I can't wait :D


anyone want a few lessons? i'm still learning but i could teach a few




I'll join in!
User: catkitty30
Fluency (1-10): 1 I know a few things!
Participating: uh yeah
Rank: student!


Username: Kosho
How Fluent are you (1-10): 1 I don't know anything...
Will you participate: After school and maybe weekends
Rank (teacher, student): Student definitely


Here is wat I know:
Neko: Cat
Konichiwa: hi/hello
I also know honorifics:
San - Mrs/Mr
Senpai - someone you highly respect
Sama - God/Roalty
Kun - boy
Chan - girl
(They go at the end of names)


here's a few things

thank you: ariagato ありがお
flower: hana はな
park: koen

i'll post some more later


Ooh I remember a long time ago I was planning to make Hopscotch projects for each Katakana character, but only got as far as this:


(Katakana is used for words from other languages, such as English etc)






cool, i'm pretty sure these are the ones in kana.



h is eh




え is the japanese vowel for e

and ん sounds like "n" and is the only symbol not supported with a vowel sound.



I really want to learn so yeah


Yeah :smiley: Those are Hiragana, for words in Japanese itself.

We used to use cards like these in class, hence the project I made hehe:


that's actually a pretty good way of remembering that, i might actually use it in the future.