Does anyone wanna do a collaboration?



Does anyone want to do a collab? I just don't really know what to do and I want someone to do it with me. :joy:


Sorry I'm already doing some Collabs but I can give some ideas:)


:blush: Thank you for NOTICING this at least! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you want ideas??????????????


I'll do a collab with you. I might not be the most reliable (I have a ton of homework and all that jazz) but I will try to help.


I made a collab scout called shadow collab maybe we can give collab ideas there the password is collab


I can help! I'm not that good with coding and I'm okay at music


Mm okay! Sorry for the late response, I was really busy...


Okay! At least we are on the same page here!


Ahhh same, but I usually get my work done, but we can work this out!


Hmmm... I might do it on my account and give credit to everyone who is doing the collab.


So what exactly are you going to do? Any specific thing, something original, or, well, undetermined?


Well, right now it is undetermined....


:o oh, ok then...
Here's a like! :heart:


Oh thanks! Brb 4 2 minutes... I gotta feed mah cat :smiley_cat:.




:smile::smile::smile: You are an awesome coder! You would be very helpful, and you are creative. You don't have to be part of the collab, but if you were, it would be very nice! Ugh my reply thing isn't working!
@RenegadeBird1 (sorry, but the reply button won't work!)


Sorry, I can't join! I would have, but my school iPad deleted App Store and now I can't update HS... :grimacing:


Ohhhhh wow...... You can delete App Store?


Can u still make my pixel art request? :pig: