Does anyone notice this?


Okay, this isn't REALLY important but if you go into the editor

Then pick a shape, any shape! (I'm so cheesy :>)

Now hold down on that shape for about 2 sec and a description will come up!

It also works with the characters too!
This isn't necessary for Hopscotch but a cool little thing :)


I never realized that, thank you!


No problem fam :D


Yeah, I saw it :)
I like the characters stories the best


Me too!
I like bear's the best actually :)


thx fam.


Yeah, I noticed! :D


It comes up on all blocks as well! I'm still trying to make sense of Tangent and stuff though!


"Frequently confused with its sibling, Square, but insists they are not the same shape."

i am trash

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On the on-topic hand, I didn't realize this! Thanks for making this topic!