Does anyone not have App Store?


If you have a school iPad with no App Store I can tell u how to get hopscotch if you have the app I will tell u :wink:


Our school iPads have App Store... But we are never using them, and everyone is on the same account.
They don't even have iMovie :frowning:


Do you have an app called Self service? `

it looks like this`


No, it has MobileIron


2 things. You joined on my birthday August 9th and I use self service so idk sorry ;(


We can get every app on AppStore, but I don't own any school iPad. The teacher needs to "book" them and we have around 30-40 iPads in school, and we are over 1100 students (one of the bigger schools in Sweden)


I have Self Service.
I think it auto-updates though.


I have it, and it's so bad! I can't even refresh my apps xD


Not for me, unfortunately. :\


I have it but I don't know how to use it


We have them, we just dont use them.


Yeah! I have that for my school iPad! I don't have an App Store either. :P


Your teacher probably downloads it somehow


It's not really been working for our school well lately.

I have to hit "install" a million times for an app to install. XD


Omg same XD but I just don't use school iPads, sometimes we have to use it tho and it takes FOOOORREEEVVVEEERRR



I really want an iPad of my own, but I am investing in a laptop rn...

iPad next on the list- hopefully for christmas :D

or mah bday

well maybe if I take the sat well I can get one idk


We have no App Store but I have hs


I hassss nuuuuu apppp storeeeeeeeesssssss


Wait. Do we all seriously have the same app? Well, I still have my App Store considering it's my personal one. Anyways, how is this related to HS?


I have App Store
And in NZ, such thing as "school iPad" does not exist. We use our own home iPads fir school.:iphone: