Does anyone need help With Art pads? Or Debuging or code in general


Does anyone need help making an art pad? I can help you!


Maybe you could make a tutorial.
Also, maybe you should mention drawing pads in the title.


Ok! I was going to but then I realised that people might not even want to make one I was just double checking if someone needs help.


This is a good idea, though. Instead of making another topic for help, someone could just go here. :grinning: :grin: :+1: :grinning: :blush:


Glad you feel that way! I wanted to see if anyone needs help with art pads but you could come here just for help with code....


Tip:Don't use the Hopscotch square object, use the emoji square.
Also:Set the drawing To to set Trail color to:HSB when Text 3 is tapped or something like that.


Why? The Hopscotch ▇ will never get blurry.


Eh, I use the emoji square when creating my art pads. For me, it's more organized.




The emoji square is definitely smaller than the regular Hopscotch square.


There is a set size block.


Probably because it's smaller in the editor, so you can tap it more easily and there's no overlap.


Use set position. Or ▇.


I am saying that if you have a fat block covering up most of the screen it will be harder to select other blocks close to it and tell some apart from one another.


I agree that the emoji square is smaller! However to save the space only put one square like what I did on my pad. Here's Some screen shots

So yeah


Just to help you with the art pad so yeah:3


I would do that, but using a text object and set text to get ▇.


Ok you could use that if you want I mean I didn't but it's really up to you


Well not an artpad, but I do need help with a Score! I don’t know how to code a score, so if you Know please tell me!!!


I have a drawing pad Ikm working on and all the colors on it look like this.image|666x500
Do you know what is wrong and how I could fix it? Thank you!