Does anyone need a coding partner?



Ever since I started hopscotch I've wanted a coding partner. I made a quiz for my coding partner and a lot of people remixed, I chose my partner but he/she hasn't been on for days. If you want to be my coding partner make sure you have pretty good grammar because that is one of my pet peeves​:blush:.


Welcome to the forum! I already have two coding partners, but Good luck in finding one! If you need any help, just @ me. :smiley:


Thanks for the luck!


I can be yours I'm active 24/7 but most of like the new policy don't stay that long....


Sure! I've been so desperate for a coding partner.


What is your hopscotch username?


Sry for the late reply it's vanillapowder with the trade mark sign!


I'll be your coding partner @beeboo621. Is there a competition?


Let me check out both your accounts first.


Okay! Is there going to be a competition if there is more than one person?


Sure I'll probably have to choose if more people respond.


Okay! Great. Two people have 'signed up' already, correct?


Ya. Two people have signed up already you and deadfr


Good Luck finding a CP! You will find an awesome one here on the forum!


What is ur username?


Dancing​:pineapple:Pineapples. Basically just my username, except with no one. :slight_smile:


Ok I searched you a while ago but there was no one. I bet this one will work!


Ok so I've decided to have two coding partners if that's ok. Both ur accounts have good projects on them. I just don't know who to choose. I followed both of you. I am working on a board game project. If you have any tips or want to make sosmething for the game just post it here and I will copy it onto the project. I don't know if there is any easier way but whatever.


Okay! What do you want to do first? I'm open to anything. Logos, games, drawing pads (I've been wanting to make one).... There's tons of options.


Check out POPROCKS account. I know she/he made a checkers game, in which you can actually move the pawns.