Does anyone like my Black & White story?


It is on Hopscotch. If this isn't a "Hopscotch related question" please tell me I'm really new and I will fix it.


You can copy a link down here so we don't have to search :D


Like the coding app Hopscotch how do I post a link from that?


You tap the little box with an arrow icon on the project, answer the math problem, make a reply, press on the box where your typing comes up, and tap 'copy.'


Three kittens tumble around in the warm nest of blankets and pillows, located in a handy laundry basket. A older cat, the mother of the pure white tom and the female, reaches in to pull the older kitten off of her two young ones. When he weakest of her litter, Poppy, died, she welcomed Mir, a young kitten who her owners found on the side of the road, into her nest. He was older by nearly four months, but Starlight didn't have the heart to turn her back on him. She had milk to spare, after all. Muffin and Bear, her two other fluffballs, loved Mir like a sibling. She knew the three would be friends for many years to come...