Does anyone like "American Girl"?


Does any girl like American Girl? If so Join the conversation!:blush: If you do like it you can collaborate with me!:smile:


Is there any way you could relate this to hopscotch? :smile:


You beat me :smile:


Also, you can make models, movies, games, etc. to relate it to hopscotch @SweetiePie


Not really. I was just wondering if someone had the same interest as me and I could collaborate with them.


Can you please add that in your first post so people find this hopscotch related?




I Like American girl
Last time I went to America I got one and then last year I got another one


Cool @WinningMonkey!:grinning: What does yours look like?


I've Got Grace And Rebecca @SweetiePie


IN all, my sisters have:
MAG #33


Try to keep topics hopscotch related! :D


Wait never mind I didn't read all the way through!


i :purple_heart::yellow_heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: american girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have 2 dolls and a ton of cloths! he he


Wanna see mine?? I have three.


I'll post one pic of one of them.


(Don't ask about the phone, her hair, or her outfit. I haven't played with them for a while.) Meet Autumn! She is a truly me I got for my bday in March.


what??????????? no fair


I have one to!!!!ill post a pic later


I love american girl!!!!!