Does anyone know Spanish



I am asking this because I want to learn Spanish if someone wants to teach me just tag me anyone please I have to understand my teacher


Y do u want to learn Spanish? just curious.


Here are basic words:

Niña: Girl
Trabajo: Work
Good morning: Buenos días
Good afternoon: Buenas tardes
Good evening: Buenas noches
Red: anaranjado
Orange: Anaranjado
Blue: Azul
Pink: Rosa
Yellow: Amarillo
Brown: Marron
Green: Verde
Black: Negro
Violet: Violeta
White: Blanco
Purple: morado

And that's all!


A little


My friend's dad knows a lot of Spanish.


There is a really good topic too on if you want to learn Spanish

It's called, "talk to a hopscotcher international"


@PrincessBunny1, here are a few basics:


Hi: Aloh
How are you doing?: Como estas
What is your name?: Como de llamas
How old are you?: Cuantos años tienes

Numbers 1-20

One: Uno
Two: Dos
Three: tres
Four: Cuatro
Five: Cinco
Six: Sies
Seven: Siete
Eight: Ocho
Nine: Nueve
Ten: Diez
Eleven: Once
Twelve: Doce
Thirteen: Trece
Fourteen: Catorce
Fifteen: Quince
Sixteen: Dieciséis
Seventeen: Diecisiete
Eighteen: Dieciocho
Nineteen: Diecinueve
Twenty: Veinte


black: negr.o
blue: azul
brown: marrón
gray: gris
green: verde
purple: morado
red: rojo
turquoise: turquesa
violet: violeta
yellow: amarillo
white: blanco
rainbow: el arco iris


I'm Mexican




Si alguien necesita ayuda con español yo puedo ayudar


I know some Spanish.

I was learning it on Duolingo :upside_down:


Try the app duolingo, it teaches you Spanish with chat bots, tests and more.


Yeah, duolingo is an awesome language learning app!

I'm learning French.


Really? Amazing!
I can't wait until I'm in high school to learn German.


Or maybe try being born in Mexico that's wat I did and it worked



Well not all of us are born in Mexico


Or maybe move there

Moving is an easier alternative


Who wants to be my Spanish teacher