Does anyone know? is impossible


That is pretty much clones.


So, @DECODECO, makes sense?

When the blocks move left (therefore screen is swiped right) then up, (screen is moved down) it will detect what's happened. That's sort of possible, but slightly confusing

I'm not going to make let someone like @creationsofanoob do it, he has the knowledge.


Ok, but he's probably starting on a new project already.


Heh, he liked the reply.
(he also liked this one)


Yeah, I did.
And yes, I'm working on a game.


At least I know it's a game


Hey, I’m the developer of splix :slight_smile:
This might be a bit of a late response hahah, but I wanted to let you know anyway, for the sake of more splix clones I guess.
Look up flood fill algorithm, it’s basically the thing ms paint does when filling a shape. I’m using an inverted flood fill, where I ‘drop ink’ in the top left corner of the area that needs to be filled, and on all the enemy positions. Then I look at what hasn’t been filled yet (the inverse) and use that to fill the new blocks.