Does anyone know? is impossible


So, I just need to know this: How do you fill in a drawn shape not having last touch x and y involved?

E.G, I making a game where you can swipe up, down left and right. And a trail is left behind you. So if you move left, a trail will draw left. And if you make a shape will fully connected edges, the inside will be shaded.

  1. You draw a shape, not fully connected.

  2. When you connect all the edges,

  3. The inside is filled in.

I really need an answer do this!




I don't really get what you are saying

  1. Draw a shape edges aren't fully connected:

  2. Connect edges by drawing this:

And when all the edges are connected like the picture above, the inside of the drawn shape is filled in:



@NMhopscotch (Stryx on Hopscotch) just showed me a project that does this.

Search Hopscotchers for "Stryx" and you'll find their project.


Hmmm... Sort of. But the shape will vary on what you drew.


Of course. Look at the code & try to learn how they did it. I believe it works with different shapes if you change the variables as the start screen tells you. What you need may not be exactly the same, but if you understand how their project works then you can adapt the concept to fit your needs.


If none of you guys know what, why I am asking this, search on the internet ''. Play a few rounds and see how the shapes are filled in?



I understand what you mean, but I was thinking something. Maybe you could use an object to draw, rather than draw a trail.


I don't see the difference from an object and a trail. It's more about the inside of the drawing.

I might ask THT.


I have one method here:

Like th actual game, there are blocks. They are coloured?

I grid them.

If not working, view my profile for the project.


I have no idea. Maybe @Creationsofanoob @valgo may help?


i was playing around with Stryx's version, and I have a rough idea on what I could do.


Too much will vary if I use this. So,

I give up... is literally impossible to make ;(

I wished I could make it, but there is way more than just filling the inside. Like how does the auto bot act? The tail? Ect.

I only trailed this because I'm trying to invent innovative code, and you know... make the game changers channel. If was made, I highly congratulate the creator, because that'll have to be the most innovative game ever!

So I might just have to continue with something else, there is some innovative code in there, but I should be able to handle it. And we'll see, game changers or not...

Is this bragging?


Nah, not to me.

#15 right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes. That is impossible to make. Thought I could make it...


Use clones.


I think therealfuncky63 made a project like this
Let me get the link


I would spam "use clones" a million times, but no. I just want to make my point across.
Oh, use square clones.


Or you could do
Create a clone