Does anyone know how to make waves in Hopscotch?🌊



I’d like to know how to make waves on Hopscotch. Curvy ones.
Does anyone know how to?


Yes. Out of what? Emojis, trail art, images?


Well, it’s a trail art project, so out of trail art.


Here’s one way:


The link is broken. (I am bored XD)


It’s only accessible if you have Hopscotch downloaded.


Ahhhhhhhhhh… is bc I opened in my Mac and didn’t work :woman_facepalming:


Thanks! I’ll use that and make sure to give credit!


Huh… Interesting equation… Guess I don’t need to finish my tutorial I was making. That project solves the problem a lot better :sweat_smile:


Now I know why this topic said you were replying for twenty minutes!:sweat_smile: