Does anyone know how to make text like this?


I was thinking of making a multi colored text like the logo is. I just don't know how to do clone id.


I don't even know what your talking about
Man I must be really bad at this stuffXD


Clone id.
You haven't heard of that?


By gtg


It's what @Valgo uses in his projects so it is obviously complicated.


Ive tried using clone ids before. I failed.


So you want to make text art?

Clone ID's are just self variables used to separate clones from each other. For example, you can make stuff happen only to a clone with "Clone ID" or whatever you want to call it = 4.
This way, you can make each clone have a different preset colour, which seems like what you are searching for.

This is an example on how you can give each clone a specific ID.


Download a font app or something??