Does anyone know how to do frames on a drawing pad?



Yes please I learn better through screenshots.


I don’t exactly get the
"When self is tapped"
But then you have to put
"When Page=1"
Because they are both commands?
And where do I put this code?


@PianoManFrens Do any of you know?


I’m not really sure…


No, I can’t really do the ones that your saying


Know what?


Check the topic.


Im guessing you put the code in seperate Rules for the same Object?


I’ll try it soon




Lol the emoji is not shown


I actually don’t, sorry! Although, you can use Htio’s simple pads for a reference. She told me I could when I was trying to make a pad. Just make sure to give credit to her!


Yeah, I will!
I’ll check it out soon!


Nope ;-;


That’s fine :smiley: I think I have enough help now though


Yeah KVJ you’re right. They are all separate rules but in the same object


Ok. So all that is in one color?


If you can, could you give me a screenshot?


Okay, yeah, in a few minutes. I’m still going through all of my notifications :smile:


Ok thank you so much!