Does anyone know how to create a save option?


I have literally no idea how to create a save option. Could anyone help me?


Kind of. It uses codes to save/load stuff. However, it is very limited.


Could you be a bit more specific? A save for what type of game? I can help you. ^^


If you are talking about a save that saves progress even when you close the project, you will need to use a password system. I don't know how to do that though.


If you're talking about saving variables from one project play to another, there's no way to do that. I really would like that feature, and I bet a lot of people would, too.


the only way to do this, with our current utilities, is to have a code that displays when they reach some checkpoints in the game. when the project starts up, one can enter the code through something in the start menu, which sends them to a certain part in the game by setting values to different things.

it'd be a lot, a lot of work, though.


Actually, if you design everything with that in mind, it'd be easy.