Does anyone know a way to unpublish a bunch of projects at once?



I want to delete pretty much all my posts on my old account, but I also want to keep some of my more popular projects. Does anyone know a quick way to unpublish a bunch of projects at once?


IDK but I would tag omtl or something… Someone might know


I think the only way is to delete the projects one by one. Unless the Hopscotch team helps you.


Email THT is the first thing that comes to mind for me.


That’s a lot of emails! :smiling_imp:


No, like one email for every project you want to delete!


I don´t think that you can do this directly in the app, unfortunately. Like others said, I would email THT and ask them to do this for you. If that doesn´t work, and you have a computer that you can download programs on somewhere, I can (maybe) program a utility that does this for you. That would be pretty hard to document though, so I recommend that you ask THT!


Asking THT is always a great idea! Even if we don’t have this feature (I don’t think we do) then maybe they can gain some inspiration from your experience and add it!


lol! :joy::joy::joy:


No, just ONE email saying every project you want to unpublish.