Does anyone have this problem?


I am here but you won’t see this reply for nine or more hours because it’s still in pending! help meh!


Hola fren. This is just a test to see if this is on pending… sigh why did it have to be me.


You’re on? Do you want to go to the collab topic


Oh, I get it now (after seeing people’s comments) when you see that you have the notification and it’s not there and you leave and it is still there and the cycle goes on…


Wait. Are you a back up account or something of @MewMeowArts?


Yeah, that’s my back up.


I needed it so I could reply faster. Because all of my other replies were stuck in pending. But I fixed it. I can reply normally now. :slight_smile:


Yeah sure. It doesn’t have to go through pending now! :slight_smile:


Pls How to access random stuff