Does anyone have this problem?


So today when I checked my notifications I saw that someone like my project! A few seconds later when I check my notifications again the notification was gone.Can someone tell me why


Because maybe you’ve already seen it.


Every time I look at my notifications they stay there


Mabye they unliked it.


I checked there like tab and it’s there


My notifications doesn’t work at all since about two months ago. They work a little better on my iPad with the old Hopscotch editor, though.


@Blcorn I’ve had a problem similar! When I’m in my drafts, it’s saying I have a notification even though I don’t.


I use to have that too


Noice! Cool! LOL! Yayayay!


WHAT are you saying?


Idk anymore @Blcorn. Sometimes I feel like a weirdo ;-;


Don’t worry @SunkM-Productions I go crazy sometimes too


Ya. You’re right! I’m just feeling that way


@SunkM-Productions when you reply to someone does it take a long time to get out of pending


Wut you mean? @Blcorn?


I mean does it take a while to show up in the topic


Hmmm…did you email THT? Sometimes the code of the app won’t work.
Try restarting your device.


Are you new here? Welcome!!


My notifications works now. I fogot to tell everyone


I have the same issue too! It’s weird. However, whenever it does that to me it says that I have a new notification so I go and check, but for some reason it goes back to old notifications from two days ago and if there are recent ones, it deletes them. I think it’s some sort of glitch.