Does Anyone Have Questions?


Sooooo...... You can chat here if you want or you can ask me questions, but don't ask private questions. Also, if you ask questions, I'll probably reply by 7 though because I ran out of replies. But if I see the question, I'll probably like it. If I like it, it means I saw it.


Are you an otaku or are you against anime


Out of all of the eeveelutions, which one is your favorite?

mine is sylveon btw


Umbreon :P

Is my fav

Plus Sylveon is a pain to get


Each time I replay Pokemon x I get sylveon each time, it takes about 30 minutes for the process to evolve


do you assosiate with V for Vendetta? also, would you like to join my collab account?


Is this hopscotch related? All topics have to be :D