Does anyone have anyone have any requests?



Hello does anyone have any requests?
I will do art and coding requests so if you
Have any requests then you can ask
Me in the replies.


May I have an example of your art? Its so my request doesnt conflict with your style!


@Jadeybirdy my hopscotch account is called Lisa1045‚Äč:tiger:
And I will draw something so you can see my art!


I will check in 1 hoiur, to give you time


Hi Lisa this is CutePuppy


@PrincessBunny1 hi CutePuppy!!!!
@Jadeybirdy I have already finished


Oki! Im gonna go check ur hopscotch!


Hi I am really bored and sort of a


Can I have a girl with brown hair with natural blonde highlights and brown eyes. Fair skin and grey shirt and jeans! Thanks in advance!


@Jadeybirdy ok!!
@PrincessBunny1 why?


It's that people get angry
at me for no reasons


@PrincessBunny1 what?