Does anyone have any art tips?



I was wondering... Does anyone have any ideas for me?? I want to do 2 things
1. Make a Draw like a pro project, that will have tips from all of us.
2. Cuz I'm curious what the community has to say.
If you know any, pls post them here!! This would be greatly appreciated!

Lol did you actually read this? If you did, put a tip for art pls! Lol


1:start simple. i first started with heads, now bodies, and i'm working on making advanced arms.
2:stay determined.
3:try out different drawing pads, or even more drawing apps. i use an app called paper to make my drawings.


I'm rubbish at art btw.
Tip: work hard. Fail to improve. Do your best, all drawings/paintings/whatevers can be art!


@KVJ "Fail to improve?


Yup! Problem? :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Study art styles on hs or whatever
  2. draw what you like best or feel comfortable with
  3. watch out for the dreaded bird


Er... Sure. Yea, no problem... XD
Aren't you supposed to improve?


Yup, but only by failing and trying again!


Well a great thing to do for color is create a value that increases every time you leave a trail say 4 pixels long and when it asks you for color click on hsb on the far right, for h go to math and click something called sine click some for h s and b and have three different values increasing at different rates plugged into the sines . You can see great projects that use this by checking out my friends account called Stepscotch