Does Anyone Have a Request?



Hey Hopscotchers. I'm bored. So does anyone want a request? Maybe a logo, drawing pad, drawing, or whatever. If you want a request, please tell details. You can request whatever you want, even a follow! I don't really care what you request. Well, there is one thing you cannot request...... A game with too much code! It's too hard, and I'm only an intermediate coder. Also, no project likes. Not that kind of person. My username in Hopscotch is EnchantedHopscotcher, and I will d the requests there! Also, credit to VanillaBlossom​:cherry_blossom: for the idea! Anyway, go one requesting!


You could try coding or drawing this, or asking @Rawrbear for the nuke. :smiley:


@Dude73 means the huge, ginormous list of ideas I made! :smile:


Yes. I meant the list, not repunzel. :joy:


The list is as long AS repunzel's hair!!:joy:


Can you make me a logo? I'm only good at company logos.


Ok. Check my profile in about 20 minutes!


I'm done @TheLogoMaster!


Thanks! It looks great!