Does anyone have a Launchpad?



I recently got one and i'm just wondering if anyone else has one, Here's a vid:
If you want to see it in action then watch some youtube vids! Just search 'launchpad'

Sorry 4 being off topic xD

BOT now!




This IS off topic but I want one!


:D I have one!




To get on topic what if you make a launchpad in hopscocth?


that's gonna be alot of work. not hard but tedious!


True that would be really hard!


Launchpads are awesome!! :D

Good luck on making the Hopscotchified version! :slight_smile:



@Rawrbear just liked my post

@Rawrbear have u seen the vid yet?




@SmilingSnowflakes, we've got a new :D lover! :D




I'll watch it! :D


You'll love this @crazygoat





I have no launchpad...



(i dunno why im so happy)




i dont even know what this about but im stll happy