Does anyone even know how to get regular?

There have been a lot of confusions about getting regular.
In the past 100 days:
Must have visited at least 50 days
Must have replied to at least 10 topics
Must have viewed at least 25% of topics (capped at 500)
Must have read at least 25% of posts (capped at 20k)
Must have given at least 30 likes
Must have received at least 20 likes (not PMs)
Must not received more than 5 spam or offensive flags
Must not have been suspended
The confusion is capped. Most people think you must have read 20k posts. You don't have to read 20k you only have to read 25%. However, if there are more than 80k, you only have to read 20k. If that wasn't true, then a time with 400k you would have to read 100k


Very well explained!!

Great topic! Well explained!