Does anyone draw Shopkins® on Hopscotch or on Paper?


I'm obsessed with drawing and with Shopkins so I just wanted to see if anyone could draw them! Please do not report this because it's within the standards of the forum. Here's Choc Frosted:


Maybe one day we could create our own Hopscotch Characters!


Love the idea! Maybe post it here:

It'll be seen by tons of people, and it's an entire topic for drawing! :wink:


@Evie Good idea, but I've never seen one!


Do you want me to move the posts into that topic?


Sure! :slightly_smiling: Your an awesome artist!


Wait, how is this really related to hopscotch, by the way, what is you hopscotch account??


I can code cooky cookie or maybe apple blossom


I really love the idea to draw our own characters, but I'm afraid people may abuse the privilege.:grin:


Yea, maybe they could draw and write them saying inapropro words and inapropro stuff


I do! Sometimes, but I have a bit of trouble with eyes!